Friday, June 13, 2014

Piano Scarf-

Recently I found a really neat pattern off a knitting website which I would like to share with you. It is on ravelry, a free online website for knitters and crocheters with tons of neat patterns. Anyway, here is the story behind the piano scarf...

The Piano Scarf Story-

My son, Mikkel, wanted a scarf and he wanted it to be an exact copy of a real piano keyboard with 88 keys. Every key had to have the real size.

I knitted it with 3 mm needles, which resulted in almost perfect size. I knitted it double and sew it together. The scarf is knitted in intarsia. I used 2 balls of black and 3 balls of white at the same time, so I did not have to break the yarn.
My son, Mikkel, has been playing classical music on his piano since he was 6 years old, now he is 22.

So if you know anyone who is a really great pianist, this is a challenging, yet rewarding pattern to try.

Kari Kanani~*~

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